A smooth lead-generation machine for Bullswap

Bullswap fills a gap in the market by renting out construction equipment. They no longer thought it efficient to schedule their own B2B appointments. Since they outsourced their prospecting to Victus Sales, targets are consistently exceeded. They also greatly value the monthly feedback meeting and the fact that the strategy is continuously updated.


Jannes Valkeneers, manager of Bullswap


Machine rental


Construction company managers and project managers who want to rent machinery
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What need prompted your collaboration with Victus Sales?

During the early years of our business, I would call prospects myself. But this was not efficient at all. We felt the need to find a partner to schedule our appointments for us. We wanted to increase our efficiency by partnering with Victus Sales.


What did you think of Victus Sales’ approach?

Tested various personas

The introduction went very smoothly. We had an intake discussion, and then tested various persona. Next, we found a suitable pace for the appointments to be scheduled.


We have a separate feedback consultation once a month to discuss results, what went well and what can be improved. They adapt very well based on this process. They work very quickly and effectively.

Victus Sales always adjusts course based on our monthly feedback consultation, and they do it very well.

Jannes Valkeneers - Bullswap

Are you satisfied with the result?

They exceed the targets we had set beforehand. We are very happy and will be expanding the collaboration in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

What’s the first step towards more appointments? A meeting with us.

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