A favourable sales climate for Breezo

Breezo provides probiotic air treatment for a healthier indoor climate. Their products are used in work environments, among other places. They wanted a more structured sales approach. Victus Sales’ conversion rates exceeded the target at a highly competitive rate per lead, while providing personal service and engagement to boot.


Niko Lecluyse, co-founder of Breezo


Health and well-being


Administrators and HR managers in healthcare, education and sports
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What need prompted your collaboration with Victus Sales?

For a long time before Breezo found Victus Sales, we felt that we were not generating leads in the right way. We needed to find a much more structured approach, generating data on the state of our sales funnel.


What did you think of Victus Sales’ approach?

A fully transparent prospecting process

We have clear insight into the companies approached by Victus Sales at all times, as well as any appointments that resulted from their efforts. One added benefit is that we are able to train the sales agents while maintaining one-to-one contact with the people making the calls.

Maintaining a clear overview of the costs

The personal engagement of the Victus Sales team is highly appreciated. The same goes for their structured way of working and, of course, their results. Furthermore, it is very important for a start-up and growing company to keep an eye on the costs, which is something Victus Sales absolutely nailed.

The conversion rates are much higher than anticipated and the results exceed our expectations!

Niko Lecluyse - Breezo

Are you satisfied with the result?

We are extremely happy with Victus Sales. Our collaboration is very effective and the results exceed expectations. The conversion rates are much higher than anticipated. We would definitely recommend Victus Sales.

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