Large number of appointments in the pipeline for All-Connects

All-Connects is the ultimate track & trace specialist, offering bespoke tracking solutions. Victus Sales appeared on the company’s radar during its search for a partner to generate high-quality sales appointments. Our results far exceeded the targets and they considered our briefings to be spot on as well.


Peter Meersschaert, sales manager with All-Connects


Mobility solutions


Managers in the transportation and construction sectors, fleet and machinery administrators
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What need prompted your collaboration with Victus Sales?

All-Connects was looking for an efficient way to generate new leads. We got in touch with Victus Sales and quickly decided to kick off a pilot. A total success, as it turns out.


What did you think of Victus Sales’ approach?

Right on the ball.

The first meeting with Victus Sales was impeccable and highly professional. They are in full control, which is very pleasing. Follow-up was quick and feedback crystal clear. They produce transparent quotations and communicate clearly.

Briefings are excellent.

Their briefings to our sales people are of the utmost added value. I would summarise Victus Sales with the terms professional, result-oriented and transparent.

I would recommend Victus Sales for their results. In the end, that is what cold calling is all about: leads!

Peter Meersschaert - All-Connects

Are you satisfied with the result?

We are very happy! We had formulated certain targets, which were exceeded by a wide margin. We never had a single bad appointment based on their input.

What’s the first step towards more appointments? A meeting with us.

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