The right sales connection for Kreonta

The IT start-up Kreonta facilitates automated data exchange between machines and installations, helping to optimise production processes. In order to optimise their own prospecting process, they got in touch with Victus Sales. This led to positive results and the first batch of clients for their brand-new software.


Sandra Coeckelberghs, business developer at Kreonta


IT automation


IT managers of production companies
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What need prompted your collaboration with Victus Sales?

As an IT company, sales is not our speciality. We needed Victus Sales to find the first clients in order to implement our brand-new software. We described our product and what region we wanted to actively pursue, and they set to work right away.


What did you think of Victus Sales’ approach?

A surprising number of leads

We were pleasantly surprised with the number of leads Victus Sales managed to generate in a short period of time. A necessity, because the road from lead to actual implementation is quite long.

Quick to act

We conduct status meetings on a regular basis to discuss the approach. They always implement the outcomes effectively. They are highly flexible and able to act quickly. For example, once, we had defined several sectors too broadly, which was adjusted without delay. The Victus Sales team is pleasant to work with, takes a constructive approach and is highly result-oriented.

I was pleasantly surprised with the number of leads Victus Sales managed to generate in a short period of time!

Sandra Coeckelberghs - Kreonta

Are you satisfied with the result?

The results are great! We got off to a fantastic start and are looking forward to our continued collaboration in expanding our client base. We would certainly recommend Victus Sales for this reason, especially to start-ups. Cold calling is a profession in and of itself and this is a great way to get a head start.

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