Tectum happy with Victus Sales

Tectum Group is an expert in flat and pitched roofs, façades and balustrades. Their limited sales team, however, makes swift prospecting and a proper sales flow difficult to achieve. They found the right partner in Victus Sales, who came up with a good plan of attack right away. Business developer Yves was blown away by their performance, communication and results.


Yves Rosier, business developer with Tectum Group




Facility managers of industrial companies and wholesalers
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What need prompted your collaboration with Victus Sales?

One of our colleagues recommended Victus Sales. They were already working together, a collaboration that was subsequently expanded. Our limited sales team had been prospecting, but the leads kept coming in too late.


What did you think of Victus Sales’ approach?

Efficient collaboration

We have been working together for two years now, and the collaboration has been very efficient. Victus Sales understood our needs and were able to help us immediately. A good plan of attack was drafted right away, including the working method and the target group.

Seamless switch

Our communication always goes without a hitch. They switched us over from one liaison to another at some point, and the follow-up and transfer proceeded very smoothly. The Victus Sales team is highly flexible,
effective and maintains good communication.

The sheer number of leads and conversations we were able to conduct with potential clients is incredible!

Yves Rosier - Tectum Group

Are you satisfied with the result?

Honestly, the results blew us away: the sheer number of leads and conversations we were able to conduct with potential clients is incredible. We would certainly recommend Victus Sales because of the positive outcome the collaboration has generated for us.

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